💼 Client

Germany-based edtech company specializing in creating engaging and personalized language learning experiences through the power of technology and interactive content.

🦄 Product

The problem with the Fluffy app seems to revolve around the challenge of understanding English spoken with various accents. Many individuals find they can comprehend one type of accent quite well while struggling with others. The Fluffy app was designed to address this issue by helping users identify which accents they have difficulty understanding. By recognizing the accents that users struggle with, the app can then tailor its content to offer materials featuring those specific accents. This personalized approach aims to help users improve their comprehension skills in the accents they find most challenging.

🎯 Audience

Fluffy caters to a diverse audience, spanning from young children and teenagers to adults who are eager to elevate their English proficiency, already possessing an A2 English level. These individuals seek to enhance their comprehension skills in English and are keen on doing so in an engaging and lively manner, rather than through tedious methods.


🛠️ Technical

  • Design an efficient recommendation system based on user interactions;
  • Create a seamless user experience for all ages and language backgrounds;
  • Build a diverse and compelling video content library;
  • Integrate an intuitive swipe-based flashcard system for vocabulary and phrase retention.

📱 Platforms

The main focus was on developing robust application for iOS as the initial launch was planned on iOS only. But it was also necessary to maintain Android app as the client planned there the second launch as well.

Fluffy: Practice Screens
Fluffy: Practice Screens


⚙️ Process

The project process commenced when the client presented us with a fully formed idea. Following our standard procedure, we began by establishing the system architecture, outlining the features, creating wireframes, and refining the UX/UI design. Once these foundational aspects were in place and approved, we transitioned into the development phase, where the conceptualized elements were brought to life through coding and implementation. The development timeline was 2 months.

👨‍💻 Team

  • UX/UI Designer;
  • Backend Engineer;
  • 2 Flutter Engineers.

🧩 Features

  • Smart video recommendations tailored to users' language proficiency;
  • Interactive flashcards with swipe-based actions for vocabulary and phrase practice;
  • Progress tracking and analytics to monitor users' improvement;
  • Diverse video content library including real-life situations, conversations, and grammar lessons;
  • Social sharing options to encourage learning within user's social network;
  • Cross-platform compatibility for a consistent experience on Android and iOS devices.
Fluffy: Practice Screen and Profile Screen
Fluffy: Practice Screen and Profile Screen

🖥️ Technologies


  • Flutter
  • Custom Animations
  • Google & Apple Sign In


  • Clean Architecture
  • Riverpod


  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics
  • Remote Config
  • Realtime Database


  • TensorFlow
  • Push Notifications
  • Deep Links
  • Interactive Charts
  • In-app Purchases
  • Video Streaming & Playback


  • Mixpanel Analytics


«WTF team expertly transformed our idea of Fluffy into an engaging and user-friendly app that works really good as it was expected. The level of attention to detail and commitment to delivering a high-quality product has truly set them apart.»

NDA Company, Germany


The project transitioned to the support stage after successfully launching on both major mobile platforms. The experience highlighted the importance of iterative testing and user feedback in educational app development. Reach out to What the Flutter today and let’s create something exceptional together.

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