💼 Client

Sheep Apps, a small product company based in the United States, specializes in creating mobile applications that address real user needs.

🦄 Product

Typically, vocabulary learning follows a structured approach, but for users, it's not always convenient or easy to follow. The application simplifies the process of learning words as much as possible, enriching the dictionary with the most understandable mechanics and complexity progression. No users do not need to think over the word catregory or topic.

🎯 Audience

The target audience comprises individuals eager to enhance their English proficiency by continuously expanding their vocabulary. They seek a flexible learning solution that can seamlessly integrate into their busy schedules, allowing them to learn anytime and anywhere, whether it's during their commute, in a queue, or even in an elevator. The app solved the problem of learners are committed to improving their English skills but face time constraints that prevent them from dedicating specific periods for study.


🛠️ Technical

  • Design an intuitive, card-based interface inspired by Tinder;
  • Curate a comprehensive collection of 7,000 essential English words;
  • Develop an efficient and engaging progress tracking system;
  • Ensure smooth offline functionality for uninterrupted learning.

📱 Platforms

Developed for both Android and iOS platforms, considerations were also made for a future web version to expand accessibility.

English Pile: Flashcard Screens
English Pile: Flashcard Screens


⚙️ Process

The client approached us with their idea, along with a reference for the Tinder mechanics. We followed our usual process by gathering requirements, creating a user flow, discussing feature priorities and deadlines with the client, and then kicking off the development phase. The development timeline was 2 months.

👨‍💻 Team

  • UX/UI Designer;
  • Flutter Engineer.

🧩 Features

  • Extensive library of over 7,000 popular English words;
  • Intuitive card-based interface for easy learning and navigation;
  • Detailed descriptions, including meanings and usage situations for each word;
  • Progress tracking and statistics to monitor learning outcomes;
  • Ad-free experience to maintain focus on learning;
  • Offline functionality for learning on-the-go.
English Pile: Flashcard Screens
English Pile: Flashcard Screens

🖥️ Technologies


  • Flutter
  • Custom animations
  • SQLite


  • Provider


  • Realtime Database 
  • Authentication


  • Interactive Charts
  • Push Notifications


  • GitLab CI/CD


  • Facebook Analytics


«The WTF team made learning English easier and more fun for our users with this app. Big thanks to Vita for delivering a great product while keeping strict deadline in order to align with our budget.»

Sheep Apps Inc., United States


In conclusion, our team has successfully developed the application to meet the client's requirements, ensuring their satisfaction. The final product is now live on both the App Store and Google Play. Access it through the link provided. This accomplishment adds another feather to our cap of successful projects. The project's success invites potential clients to consider What the Flutter for their future app development needs.

Are you looking to bring an educational app idea to life? Connect with What the Flutter, and let's turn your vision into reality. Our team is ready to help you create an app that stands out in the digital marketplace.

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