💼 Client

Fixline LLC, a mid-sized Ukranian transport company, operates several taxi services across Eastern Europe and sought to develop an Uber-like application, Yasha, aimed at streamlining and enhancing the efficiency of their services.

🦄 Product

Commonly used taxi services often lack the versatility needed to meet the diverse needs of Eastern European markets, where local priorities differ. This app addresses this issue by offering customizable features tailored to enhance user experience in these regions.

🎯 Audience

Yasha's main focus is on young locals in urban Eastern European areas, providing them with fast and economical transportation solutions. The app caters specifically to this demographic by offering services in local languages and incorporating features aimed at fostering user loyalty.


🛠️ Technical

  • Build custom maps with Google APIs integration, beautiful animations and GPS connection;
  • Develop an algorithm that determines a user address based on raw coordinates and the internal OSM-database;
  • The importance of integrating with local payment providers for each country;
  • Develop an algorithm that searches the best drivers based on user preferences, location ratings and price;
  • Create an API that integrates partner taxi services so that Yasha can send unprocessed orders to them.

🖌 Design

In the design phase, our task was to make ordering a taxi as easy as possible. The client wanted users to be able to do it in just two clicks. So, we set up the app to remember their past trips and filled in the details for them. We also made sure that the default option was the standard fare. This means users only need to type in their destination and hit "order." We successfully accomplished this task, enhancing the user experience and facilitating quick and seamless bookings.

📱 Platforms

Since the main method for booking taxis is through mobile apps, the customer opted to develop client versions for both Android and iOS to ensure wide accessibility. In addition, there were solutions on the Web to manage the entire app's business logic, including a dispatcher and an admin app.

Yasha: Home Screen and Order Screen
Yasha: Home Screen and Order Screen


⚙️ Process

We utilized an agile project management approach during the development phase, which enable us to conduct flexible and iterative testing and make improvements as needed. What is more, it allows us to respond promptly to technical challenges and integration needs. The development timeline was 4 months.

👨‍💻 Team

  • UX/UI Designer;
  • 2 Backend Engineers;
  • 3 Flutter Engineers;
  • Project Manager.

🧩 Features

  • Client, driver, dispatcher and manager apps;
  • Ability to create orders with specific preferences;
  • Search for the most optimal routes for a client;
  • Phone number authentication, user profiles;
  • Built-in navigation for the driver application;
  • Ability to leave ratings for both parties;
  • Integration with payment-gateway solutions;
  • Car motion animation rendered on the map.
Yasha: Order Screen
Yasha: Order Screen

🖥️ Technologies


  • Flutter
  • GPS
  • Phone Number Auth


  • PostgreSQL
  • Nginx
  • Firebase


  • BloC
  • Module Approach
  • Clean Architecture


  • Native Layer
  • Payment Gateway
  • Background Work


  • Navigation
  • Google Maps
  • Open Street Maps


"We are grateful to What the Flutter for successfully delivering such a large project for our company. Special thanks to the CTO Kiril for managing resources effectively and ensuring cost-efficient features."

Fixline LLC, Ukraine


The app is now available for download on both the App Store and Google Play. Simply follow the link provided to see results of our work. The transition to the support phase was smooth, indicating a successful initial launch and adoption. The project highlighted the importance of agile practices and close collaboration with the client to adapt features and functionalities to user needs and market demands.

If you're looking to develop a robust and user-friendly app, consider What the Flutter for your project. Our expertise in delivering tailored solutions can help elevate your business. Contact us today!

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