💼 Client

Ağırsağlam is a premier fitness and coaching brand in Turkey, known for integrating a passion for sports with scientific expertise. They provide top-notch coaching services and fitness products, boasting a wealth of resources including over 500 YouTube videos, 100 unique articles, and numerous publications. Their mission is to simplify complex sports concepts, making fitness accessible and efficient for everyone, while continuously raising the standard of coaching in the industry.

🙏 Request

The client approached us with an established app that had a significant user base and its own history. The app became outdated and required: 

  • Updating the app to the latest versions of the libraries and Flutter. 
  • Developing new, complex features. 
  • Regular maintenance and updates to keep up with the latest standards.

🎯 Audience

Client's target audience includes fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilding and powerlifting athletes, beginners seeking guidance, and individuals aiming for a healthier lifestyle. They also attract students and professionals in sports science who value scientifically-backed fitness advice and practical workout routines.


🛠️ Technical

  • Update all repositories, which were scattered across various projects within a single repository, to the latest Flutter version;
  • Develop a Notion-based solution integrated with Firebase and mobile apps;
  • Implement smooth and fast short video playback on Flutter, similar to TikTok;
  • Create an interactive body with selectable muscle groups, allowing users to navigate to a detailed page for each muscle group.

📱 Platforms

The app was initially developed for iOS and Android, but the client plans to scale by adding a Web version of some app features to their website.


⚙️ Process

  1. We initiated a technical audit of the existing app in order to dive deeper into the project documentation and get clear vision regarding the things that could be updated within the app;
  2. We offered to update all the packages, libraries within the app to the latest versions;
  3. After gathering client's requirements and wishes for new features we implemented an Agile process, which included regular planning, syncing, and retrospective meetings;
  4. We customized a Kanban board specifically for this project. The client could directly add desired features to the board, see estimated hours and actual spent hours on each task. This approach ensured transparency, allowing the client to track all stages from development to release.

👨‍💻 Team

  • 2 Full-Stack Flutter Engineer;
  • Chief Technology Officer;
  • Project Manager.

✅ Outcomes

  • The app was updated to the latest version;
  • The following new features were developed:
    • An interactive body diagram with selectable muscle groups, allowing users to navigate to detailed pages for each group;
    • A video feed similar to TikTok for easy browsing of short fitness videos;
    • Dedicated pages for detailed exercise techniques;
    • Integration with Notion for content management;
    • Exercise filtering options on the search page;
    • Full app functionality in airplane mode;
  • We continue to provide the client with regular app maintenance and updates.
Ağırsağlam: CNS Fatigue Page, Search Page
Ağırsağlam: CNS Fatigue Page, Search Page

🖥️ Technologies


  • Flutter
  • Material Design
  • Animations
  • Google & Apple Sign In


  • Realtime Database


  • BLoC / Cubit
  • Clean Architecture


  • Crashlytics
  • Remote Config
  • Analytics
  • Firestore
  • Realtime Database
  • Authentication


  • Interactive Charts
  • Push Notifications
  • Deep Links
  • Feature Flags
  • In-app Purchases
  • Payment Gateway
  • Camera
Ağırsağlam: Interactive Body Page
Ağırsağlam: Interactive Body Page


We faced some challenges when updating our app and integrated new features, especially with ensuring smooth video loading and caching, and incorporating vector graphics, but the What the Flutter team handled everything with expertise and dedication. They communicated clearly and kept us involved throughout the process.

Furkan Kaya, CEO of Ağırsağlam


You can explore the enhanced Ağırsağlam app on App Store and Google Play. We successfully addressed all of Ağırsağlam's needs by updating and maintaining their existing app, integrating new features, and ensuring smooth functionality across platforms. We continue to maintain the app, add new functionalities, and support the client.

If you’re looking to update your mobile app with expert development and cutting-edge features, contact What the Flutter today to see how we can transform your ideas into reality.

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